/Bounty (Premium Feature)

Refer to the end of the section for how to obtain the /Bounty feature

How to Initiate A Bounty Raid

Enter /bounty to begin.

Provide answers for each of the following 3 prompts:

  • Link of the tweet to raid

  • Total amount of "Likes" required to unlock the chat

  • Total amount of "Reposts" required to unlock the chat

Type /end to exit prompts before raid starts and resume normal Telegram activity. Otherwise, Shield raid will begin:

Once the raid is completed, the bot will automatically purchase and then burn your token:

How to Obtain The /Bounty Feature

  • Send a request via this Google Doc

  • Cost = 1,000 $SHIELD or 1 ETH

  • A Shield Bot will be customized for your project

  • A fresh wallet with private key that your team funds will be coded into the bot for Bounty buybacks and burns.

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